As a gamer, you would be aware that Halo 2 had been released more quickly. As it has become an experience for gamers to complete each episode, also play and enjoy their versions. The Halo community accepted that the release was unexpected. And it was incomplete in the view of game developers. Thus, it faces some or other kinds of glitches whenever the gamers play it.

Here are the two of the famous glitches that have been found by the players:

1. The Honour Guard Councilor – Gravemind

There are numerous Boss battles in the Halo 2 game, going from our old companion the Heretic Leader to the Brute Chieftain Tartarus. Yet, one Boss battle in the game was really made coincidentally because of a glitch in the game’s code.

The last opponent of the mission, Gravemind is an Elite with an exceptional arrangement of shields. That shield changes each time the level is up. The Elite will have an Honor Guard protective cap, a Councilor head protector and even no cap by any means. Except for the defensive layer, which will be white with the gold and dark spikes of the Honor Guard. This supervisor with a remarkable randomized defensive layer is really the consequence of the game. The game sometimes attempts to produce an Elite Zealot that was coded with some unacceptable labels. Which then makes the Elite to generate differing protection and a lot higher safeguard strength. Unusually, the Elite can now and then produce with the substance of Rtas ‘Vadum.

It’s a character partner to the Arbiter all through the Halo 2 and Halo 3 missions. And in some cases, the Elite generates a peculiar and exceptional head protector. Such that it was coded into the game but never assigned to any characters. This one is a kind of coincidence and smaller than the normal supervisor. Also, it is the best illustration of how great a portion of the errors/glitches in Halo 2 really is. The game is loaded with bugs like these. And it doesn’t contrarily affect the ongoing interaction. Also, it serves to make the game that bit seriously intriguing.

2. Permanent Invisibility – Chief Levels

In the first Halo 2 for the Xbox, skulls must be found and activated in levels on Legendary. And the impacts of the skulls just went on until the control centre was turned off. This was done because, at that point, there was no menu or choice to actuate and deactivate the skulls. Because they were only included by the designers as odd Easter Eggs. Subsequently, securing the Envy Skull in the first Halo 2 and utilizing it similarly as a designated spot passes, saving and leaving. And afterwards restarting the Xbox and stacking up the level will make the Chief be for all time invisible.

This works on the grounds that the Envy Skull exchanges Chief’s electric lamp for Arbiter’s dynamic disguise. Dynamic disguise is an element that he can never again in normal ongoing interaction. But just for the time where the Envy Skull is enacted. Since turning off the Xbox, it deactivates the Skull. Saves and leaves a level while the Chief is as yet undetectable. And the player will actually want to creep up on clueless enemies and dispose of them at their relaxation. This glitch is generally helpful on Legendary. But it must be utilized in levels in which the Chief is the playable person.

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